The Breakthrough Listen Search for Advanced Life:
Breakthrough Listen Follow-up of the Reported Transient Signal Observed at the Arecibo Telescope in the Direction of Ross 128


On 16 July 2017, the Breakthrough Listen Team conducted C-band (4-8 GHz) observations of Ross 128 using the GBT. The current Breakthrough Listen digital back-end (MacMahon et. al. 2017) is capable of operating over the full 4 GHz span of the receiver simultaneously. The Breakthrough Listen back-end is unique in the sense that it can records time series voltage data of the full band, allowing arbitrary time and frequency resolution depending on science needs.

During the campaign we conducted 3x5-min observations of Ross 128 interleaved by 5-min observations of an OFF source star (Hipparcos 55848). This set of observations was followed by a 15-min on-source observation of Ross 128.

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