Breakthrough Listen: 4-8 GHz Detections of FRB 121102

Data and Technical Tutorial

These are snapshots of pulses extracted from the two-dimensional spectra (frequency vs. time). Each is 20 milliseconds and contain a pulse. They are binary data files in the PSRFITS format. More information regarding PSRFITS can be found here. Tools to read PSRFITS exist in various languages, e.g. PSRCHIVE and PyPulse.

Burst #    File name     Data file    Size
11A 11A_16sec.calib.4p Download 308M
11B 11B_263sec.calib.4p Download 308M
11C 11C_284sec.calib.4p Download 308M
11D 11D_323sec.calib.4p Download 308M
11E 11E_344sec.calib.4p Download 308M
11F 11F_356sec.calib.4p Download 308M
11G 11G_580sec.calib.4p Download 308M
11H 11H_597sec.calib.4p Download 308M
11I 11I_691sec.calib.4p Download 308M
11J 11J_704sec.calib.4p Download 308M
11K 11K_769sec.calib.4p Download 308M
11L 11L_841sec_tot.fits Download 1M
11M 11M_993sec.calib.4p Download 308M
11N 11N_1036sec.calib.4p Download 308M
11O 11O_1142sec.calib.4p Download 308M
11P 11P_1257sec_tot.fits Download 1M
11Q 11Q_1454sec.calib.4p Download 308M
11R 11R_1789sec_tot.fits Download 8M
12A 12A_104sec.calib.4p Download 308M
12B 12B_743sec.calib.4p Download 449M
12C 12C_1526sec.calib.4p     Download 308M

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