Breakthrough Listen: 1327 Star Analysis and Public Data Release 1

Open Data

You can search all publicly available data via the Open Data Archive hosted by the Breakthrough Initiatives.

We are also currently beta testing a version of the search page with advanced lookup functionality here.

A set of .csv files are also available containing the events listed in the Price, et al. paper. There are three files linked below, one for each receiver used, with the columns:

Source: Name of star target
DriftRateMax:     Maximum absolute value of drift rates in event group.
Nevent: Number of events within the event groups
FreqMid: Middle frequency of event group
DriftBW: Bandwidth covered by event group
DriftRates: List of all drift rates for events in the group
Freqs: List of all start frequencies for events in the group
FileID: Name of underlying filterbank data file
SNR: Detected signal to noise for each event in group

L-band (Green Bank)
S-band (Green Bank)
10CM (Parkes)

Background Art by Danielle Futselaar