Breakthrough Listen: Exotic Target Catalog

Breakthrough Listen Exotic Target Catalog: Public Data

To accompany the announcement of the Breakthrough Listen Exotica catalog, we present early access to data taken with the CSIRO Parkes radio telescope, across at 1344-1472 MHz. This preliminary data release includes observations of:

The IDs (A024, A033, etc.) are referenced in the current version of the paper and may change. Older IDs may be noted in the data, but the target names (ASASSN-15lh, ASASSN-V J213939.3-702817.4, etc.) will remain the same.

Access early Exotica data release »

Additional targets from the Exotica list, observed with Parkes, the Green Bank Telescope, and the Automated Planet Finder, may be found by searching the Open Data Archive. Data from additional targets will be made available as progress on our observational campaign proceeds.

Tools for reading the data files into Python are available, as well as a paper that describes the data formats in detail.

Background Art by Danielle Futselaar