Julia DeMarines

Breakthrough Listen Research Associate

Julia DeMarines is an Astrobiologist and science communicator working at the UC Berkeley SETI Research Center and with Blue Marble Space. She is a 2019 National Geographic Explorer and 2018 Grosvenor Teacher Fellow, and a 2019 AGU Voices for Science advocate. Her research involves detecting life in the Universe through biosignatures and technosignatures and the ethics of sending powerful, intentional messages into space. Her current project, called the Moonbounce project, is measuring Earth’s technosignature by observing terrestrial radio waves reflected (or "bounced") off of the moon. She is passionate about inspiring the next generation of scientists and teaches to underserved students around the world through the Ad Astra Academy. Julia also runs her own outreach events called "Space in Your Face!" – a space variety show involving comedy, local artists, and cover songs.
Twitter: @LifeNspace
Instagram: @mote_of_dust
Facebook: @JuliaDeMarines