Breakthrough Listen: 1327 Star Analysis and Public Data Release 1


This page presents the results of our analysis of 1327 nearby stars observed as part of the Breakthrough Listen program with the Green Bank Telescope and the Parkes Telescope. With these new results, Breakthrough Listen has completed the most comprehensive and sensitive radio search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) in history. We also present Breakthrough Listen Data Release 1.0, consisting of almost 1 PB of data, including the datasets used in the 1327 star analysis.

We invite the public to read the two papers accompanying the data release and the scientific analysis, and for those with technical skills, to download some of the datasets, to explore them, and to perform their own analyses.

Much of our software is publicly available, including blimpy, a tool for loading filterbank, hdf5, and raw format data files, and turboSETI, a tool for performing Doppler drift searches.

Download the background art seen here (Credit: Breakthrough Listen / Danielle Futselaar - also available as high resolution tif or pdf).


Background Art by Danielle Futselaar