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Berkeley SETI Research Center scientists and engineers are working with Breakthrough Listen to make data from Breakthrough available to the public, and you can choose a level of participation that matches your interest and abilities. Breakthrough data from the Green Bank Telescope are now flowing to SETI@home, and everyone can help out with the analysis! SETI@home is one of the world's largest citizen science projects, and enables users to donate a portion of their home computers' resources to aiding in our data analysis.

We'd also like for you to get more involved, either by engaging with us on social media, reading more about the science and engineering aspects of our work, or even getting hands on with Breakthrough Listen public data. Data from the Automated Planet Finder and the Green Bank Telescope are flowing into the Breakthrough Listen public archive, but the data volumes are large, and the data are stored in formats that require specialized tools even to view, never mind to analyze. But if you are interested in learning more, please read through the following pages. The content will get more technical the further you go, but if you have the interest and time we hope you'll enjoy learning a little more about the tools we use to search for intelligent life beyond Earth.

Our Telescopes

How we're searching

Breakthrough Listen is taking data with the Green Bank Telescope (the world’s largest steerable radio telescope), the Parkes radio telescope in Australia, and the Automated Planet Finder (a robotic optical telescope equipped with cutting edge spectrograph technology).

As of today, we’ll be sharing our data from these telescopes with you, the public.

These links below contain spreadsheets listing astronomical objects already observed by the GBT and APF, as well as objects that will be observed in future. A more detailed description of our target selection is here.

Observing Progress: Green Bank
Observing Progress: Parkes
Observing Progress: Automated Planet Finder

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