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The Great Debate - Werthimer/Marcy

SETI@Home 10th Anniversary

Beyond the Big Dreams
Abstract: The history of Arecibo Observatory, current capabilities and visions for the future.
Publication Year: 2012

The Quest for Contact
Abstract: This video details the history and current efforts of NASA's Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence program. The video explains the use of radiotelescopes to monitor electromagnetic frequencies reaching the Earth, and the analysis of this data for patterns or signals that have no natural origin. The video presents an overview of Frank Drake's 1960 'Ozma' experiment, the current META experiment, and planned efforts incorporating an international Deep Space Network of radiotelescopes that will be trained on over 800 stars.
Publication Year: 1992
NASA Technical Report Number: NASA-TM-109778

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News Stories about Berkeley SETI

May 2011

UC Berkeley Kepler SETI Press Release - UC Berkeley SETI survey focuses on Kepler’s top Earth-like planets

Scientific American - Giant Radio Telescope in W. Virginia Scans Newfound Planets for Signs of Intelligent Life

San Francisco Chronicle - Kepler data scoured for extraterrestrial signals - Una nueva radio escucha a ET


Arecibo Message (Bay Area Science Festival 2011)



SETI @ NASA: 1971 to 1993

Project Cyclops: A design study of a system for detecting extraterrestrial intelligent life
Abstract: The requirements in hardware, manpower, time and funding to conduct a realistic effort aimed at detecting the existence of extraterrestrial intelligent life are examined. The methods used are limited to present or near term ...
Publication Year: 1972
NASA Technical Report Number: NASA-CR-114445

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI)
Abstract: A bibliography of reports concerning the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence is presented. Cosmic evolution, space communication, and technological advances are discussed along with search strategies and search systems. ...
Publication Year: 1977
NASA Technical Report Number: NASA-SP-419

Project OASIS: The Design of a Signal Detector for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Abstract: An 8 million channel spectrum analyzer (MCSA) was designed the meet to meet the needs of a SETI program. The MCSA puts out a very large data base at very high rates. The development of a device which follows the MCSA, ...
Publication Year: 1981
NASA Technical Report Number: NASA-TM-84738

The first SETI Science Working Group Report
Abstract: Reports from the first SETI Science Working group: instrumentation and algorithms for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence
Publication Year: 1984
NASA Technical Report Number: NASA-SP-2244