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Weekly Meeting Updates 5/3/10

Jeff is working on data quality; we may need to get new data for alpha's pointing model, but Dan isn't too worried about the inevitable small corrections. Jeff thinks the biggest data quality issue at present is Matt's radar blanking project.

Weekly Meeting Updates 4/26/10

Today we had a long discussion about the degree to which hardware-blanking and software-blanking RFI-rejection mechanisms should match one another. Matt wanted to be cautious, but Dan proposed that matching isn’t essential if one scheme simply works better than another. Jeff wanted to quantify the group's continuing efforts:

Weekly Meeting Updates 4/22/10

Hello All,
This week, we're working on upgrading the operating systems on some of our servers. This should help standardize our work, which hopefully will speed up our data processing.

Eric has started running Astropulse on the set of backup data, and he's awaiting results to make sure that Astropulse's procedures won't throw off SETI@home's processing. He's optimistic.

New Paper--"A Multi-GPU Spectrometer System for Real-time Wide Bandwidth Radio Signal Analysis"

Berkeley SETI's own Dan Werthimer recently collaborated with researchers from the University of Osaka, Japan, on the paper below.

Paper removed pending formal publication

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