Breakthrough Listen: Data Release 2 - February 2020

Overview - Public Data Release 2 - February 2020

Since the Public Data Release 1 in April 2019 we have doubled the amount of data available from our archive.

This release includes the following data sets:

We invite the public to read the two papers accompanying the data release and the scientific analysis, and for those with technical skills, to download some of the datasets, to explore them, and to perform their own analyses.

Much of our software is publicly available, including blimpy, a tool for loading filterbank, hdf5, and raw format data files, and turboSETI, a tool for performing Doppler drift searches.

For detailed information about the various data formats we use, along with current standards and conventions, please see the paper: "The Breakthrough Listen Search for Intelligent Life: Public Data, Formats, Reduction and Archiving" - Lebofsky, et al.

Background Photo by Jenya Chernoff