SETI Brainstorm

For over a decade, the SETI@home experiment has engaged millions of people in the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence by harnessing the spare CPU cycles of project participants to process data collected at the Arecibo radio telescope. The immensely powerful supercomputer formed by SETI@home is enabling the most sensitive and thorough sky survey for extraterrestrial technological radio emission ever performed. Today we are launching a new public participation SETI project to complement SETI@home – SETI Brainstorm. In addition to offering the opportunity to passively process SETI data, we are now making some of the raw data from our observations available to the world and asking YOU to take a look with your own eyes, ears and algorithms. Our experiments generate massive amounts of data, often many gigabits per second, so for now we will only distribute a relatively small fraction of what we have collected. If response to this project is strong, we will find ways to make even more of our observations accessible.

We look forward to hearing about your work with these data. To aid with building up a community of SETI data analysts, we have set up a thread on the SETI@home forums for discussion related to the technical aspects of working with these observations. If you have questions, please post there first. SETI@home and Kepler SETI scientists will be checking in regularly to help. Good luck, and good hunting!

For more info on the first data release, observations from our Kepler SETI project at the Green Bank Telescope, follow the links below.